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                                                              July 4th Special Issue

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Cold Weather Hunting in Alaska and Colorado


If you've ever wondered how hunting is done in the dead of winter in artic conditions then you need to be sure you have the right hunting equipment and supplies.  Most Alaska bear hunting trips can be done with minimum equipment and very little else, while dall sheep hunting can be very exhausting since you have to hike around to find the sheep on the cliffs of mountains.  So it is important to wear good hiking shoes and drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated.  So you can see how important it is to obtain good hunting supplies and equipment.


Once you're in Alaska, be sure to check out the outlying cities of Anchourage.  That is where you find the best Alaska moose hunting guides.  These guides can take you anywhere you want to be because they know the terrain and the lay of the land.  Don't be fooled by cheap Colorado outfitters that say they know the Alaskan terrain.  Only people that live in Alaska actually know the best spots and times of year to hunt.  When the Caribou have their yearly run only a native inuit would know that and give you the best Alaska caribou hunting experience.


Colorado hunting guides usually know the Rocky Mountains the best and should definitely be used when deer hunting in Colorado.  The Colorado rocky mountains can be tricky to navigate and find wild game so finding an outfitter you can trust is crucial to having a successful hunt.  My favorite Colorado Hunting trips are ones from my past...when I was a boy.  I remember once while in Colorado elk hunting we came across a huge field that looked like it was covered with snow.  The field was in fact an old testing site for the US air force.  The game was plentiful and we had a successful hunt.