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The Beauty and Choices of Anderson Flooring  


If you are planning on having hardwood floors installed into your home or business you need to check out Anderson Flooring. Anderson Flooring comes in a few different styles.  


You may choose the past named Anderson Casablanca which is now called Casitablanca. Even though the name has changed, it is still the same beautiful, strong and impeccable hardwood flooring. 


Appalachian Hardwood Flooring

Appalachian Casitablanca Brackish


Anderson Casablanca hardwood by Anderson Flooring is hand scraped. You will get a low cost when you compare other hardwood floors to this one. You will have peace of mind as you know it has a 25 year finish warranty. Not only is there a 25 year finish warranty but you also get a lifetime structure warranty. 


Appalachian Colonial Manor

Appalachian Haversham Sweet Grass  


If you love the Vintage and Della Mano flooring, you will love the Appalachian flooring. Not only is it comparable but it is cheaper. You can choose from five different colors of this type of flooring. You have your choice of Spanish Hickory. This flooring is somewhat dark and rich looking. You may choose the First Light Spanish Hickory. This flooring is just what it states, light in color and beautiful. If you want more of a reddish tint like a cherry finish to your flooring than you will want to select Galleon Spanish Hickory. Anderson Casablanca Lava Spanish Hickory has a darker grain line throughout the wood for an added effect. Lastly, the Anderson Casablanca Panera Spanish Hickory is somewhat similar to the Lava Spanish Hickory only lighter. 


Anderson Dellamano Espresso

Anderson Dellamano


Anderson's Casablanca basically has the same styles and colors of hardwood flooring. All of the stunning beauty and high quality you are looking for. You will get a 25 year finish warranty and a lifetime structure warranty on this Anderson Flooring.  


Appalachian Colonial Manor hardwood floor gives a rich and elegant look to your floors. You have three colors to choose from. Step back in time with this gorgeous floor.  


Anderson Flooring offers you the hardwood Coastal Art collection in four stunning and unique colors.  


Della Mano Flooring by Anderson Flooring brings you handcrafted flooring. No two boards are alike. Each floor piece is hand scraped, hand sculptured and finally topped off with a low glossy finish. Talk about perfection! 


If you like wide planks than Desert Hickory by Anderson Flooring is what you are looking for. You have three stunning styles to choose from and also from Anderson is Anderson Hickory Forge flooring


Is your taste more exotic? Then Anderson Exotic Anderson Hardwood gives you multiple choices in Cherry, Auburn, Exotic Heather, Brazilian Oak Natural, Pecan Natural, Rosewood Natural, Exotic Suede and Exotic Walnut.  


Another green way to go with regards to flooring is Anderson Exotic Impressions. Anderson Flooring has created the look of wood from the rainforest. Now you can relax in your home with this affluent looking hardwood floor without damaging the rainforest. 


Anderson Exotic Impressions Shades of Ipe  


The Gnarly Plank Oak is three different sizes of wood boards. This gives your hardwood floor that rustic look. You have a choice of four colors you can use to stain this beautiful oak Anderson Flooring. 


Anderson Hermitage gives you pecan planks in a variety of colors. If you like pecan woods than you will love this Anderson Flooring selection.  


Tropical Reflections by Anderson Flooring gives you the look of exotic woods that are not stained, have any chemicals used on it or solvents to bring out the beauty. Simply beautiful.  


Anderson Tropical Reflections Birch Salsa

Anderson Tropical Reflections Hickory Reef


You have thirteen more types of Anderson Flooring to choose from. With so many choices you are sure to find just what you are looking for in your home or business. Improve the look and value of your home or business with one or more of the Anderson Flooring gorgeous wood floors.  


For more information about Anderson hardwood flooring please visit the links listed in this article.